Sustainable Sign Scheme by Brand Consortia - A Partnership to tackle climate change

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  • 1 Green Launch
    The Sustainable Sign Scheme launched with a selection of AF Blakemore's SPAR stores.
  • 2 Responsibility
    Taking responsibility for the environmental impact caused by manufacturing in the Sign & Graphics industry.
  • 3 Safeguard the planet
    By purchasing your sign and graphics under the Sustainable Sign Scheme you are helping to protect our planet for your children.
  • 4 A weapon against environmental damage
    The Sustainable Sign Scheme has been designed to be a vital weapon in the Environmental Responsibility policies for the branding industry, as part of a overall ethical commitment to doing the right thing.
  • 4 Reducing your energy costs
    Promoting energy efficiency without sacrificing visibility

Good for the planet

Good for the budget

Good for business


Maximum Effect, Minimum Impact with Brand Consortia's Pioneering Sign Scheme


We’re proudly pioneering the concept of carbon neutral signage, whereby we will calculate the size of the carbon footprint produced in the fabrication and installation of signs and graphics we produce, and then purchase carbon offset credits through reputable schemes such as JP Morgan’s ‘Climate Care’ and The Carbon Neutral Company. Schemes such as these use the funds generated to invest in a variety of international projects that reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You can thereby be confident that your investment in effective sign and graphics through Brand Consortia is done with maximum consideration of our planet’s future.


The best part is that all these benefits are FREE. That's right, there's no additional cost to pay, the carbon offset credits are all paid for by the Sustainable Sign Scheme in the normal price of the signage and graphics where requested, there is no premium levied and no hidden charges. It's simply about doing the right thing for the customers, the community and the planet.


The national sign-making and graphics expert Brand Consortia are pioneering the scheme, and SPAR are the first international retailer to partner with us for the launch of their EUROSPAR brand in the UK. The Sustainable Sign Scheme launched at the UK's First EUROSPAR store in Wollaton, England


If you'd like to join the scheme please click the link at the top of this page to request more information.


The important benefits come from the simple act of taking responsibility for the impact of our actions on the long term sustainability of the planet earth, and this is coupled with the immediate benefits from the added-value that our unique Sustainable Signage Scheme gives to your brand, and the warm fuzzy feeling you deserve for the simply act of 'doing the right thing'!